Explore Seattle in the best way possible by grabing a bike and heading out on some of these amazing trails.

Seattle Bike Map




Seattle has some of the most incredible scenic views and we focus constantly on our bike infrastructure. Check out a select few of the many possible bike rides around the emerald city.


Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop


An uniquely Seattle ride around the lake. You’ll start at the gorgeous Lake Union Park, where you’ll see the MOHAI & The Center for Wooden boats. From there you follow the lake, feeling the water breeze and watching the sea planes take off. Cross a bridge and you’re over in Fremont. Here you can stop by Troll ave and see the famous troll or enjoy a break in the grass at Gas Works Park. Keep following the Burke Gilman until you cross University Bridge to meet East Lake. Follow the water once again and you’ll be treated to many of the Seattle famous boat house communities.


WaterFronLloop GoogleMaps.png

Waterfront Loop


Enjoy the view of the sound while ridding thru some of Seattle’s best parks. Start by going between the large sky scrappers in the city until you reach open water. From here you can see the boats moving, bringing their rhythm to the city. Across the water you’ll see the West Seattle beaches and the islands that dot the Puget Sound. Behind all this is the view of the mountain peaks that make Seattle breathtaking. Follow the water as you ride in parks and small roads getting to know the city. On the way back stop at the waterfront pier for some snacks or at the famous Pike’s Place Market to enjoy a new experience.



Discovery Park Loop


Start by enjoying the calm breeze of the Lake union water as you follow the coast on this trail. You’ll see museums, floating restaurants and many boats on the lake. The sound of the city mixes with the clear water views creating an incredibly fun environment. As you work you way north you’ll start seeing the luscious greenery of the pacific northwest. You know you’re getting closer to Discovery park when you see the greenery change and the hills increase. Once in the park you’ll get some of amazing spaces, that you’ll have to work for. After the lush foliage and wide beaches in the park you’ll head down to follow the coast of the Puget sound. The Eliott bay trail keeps you flat and riding in parks next to the water. This lively and relaxing atmosphere is a good preparation for the bustling movement of the pier and the famous Pike Place Market. Enjoy some touristy time here to reward yourself for the climb.



Alki Beach Loop (West Seattle)


Ride into the city and enjoy the sky scrappers and business people all around you. As you make your way south you’ll reach Pioneer Square. An open space surrounded by fun stores and delicious food trucks. Keep riding and you’ll start to see why Seattle is called an industrial port city. Keeping the cleanliness that is so important to the pacific northwest this industrial area adds a working feel to the Seattle you’ve seen. Staying close to the water you’ll get to see the big boats and all the large machinery that makes the port move. As you reach west Seattle you’ll see the coast turn to beach and everyone is more relaxed. Ride along the beach and enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the sea life.