Our Team


Luke West | Owner & CEO

Luke has always found bikes to be a lifestyle more than an activity. Luke is a  long time rider who loves the culture and camaraderie around the cycling communities of big cities. He fell in love with the concept of quality bikes at affordable long-term rates for everyone and wanted to make sure he saw it grow to allow more people to experience Seattle in the greatest way possible, by bike. Luke uses his engineering background and bike mechanic experience to ensure the safe expansion of Pedal Anywhere.

Patricia Ramos | Owner & Vice President of Business Development.

Pati is a people person who enjoys working with the community and learning from as many people as possible. Her mission is to grow the Seattle biking community and make our beautiful city more accessible to all riders. She focuses her empathy and passion to understand how to help people feel the freedom of riding on a well-tuned bike. When she’s not at work she’s playing with as many animals as possible.

Michael Duke | Owner & Treasurer

Michael is an investor and entrepreneur who strives to support small business in the Seattle area. He joined the Pedal Anywhere team to bring his experience in long-term rentals and corporate partnerships to help Seattle locals and visitors have easier access to affordable long-term bicycle rentals. When he’s not at Pedal, he’s exercising his Biomedical Engineering background by furthering medical software and novel therapeutic devices.