At Pedal Anywhere we deliver rental bikes on demand! Rent a bike from 24hours to 24+ days. We accept phone and online reservations up to 24 hours in advance. If you need to reserve less than 24 hours in advance give us a call, or come in to the shop!

Our standard rental comes with delivery and pick-up, a helmet, and a lock. Elective services and add-ons include: damage waiver, theft insurance, kids bikes or carrier, panniers, assorted pedals, and repair kits.

Check out our rental rates here

How long can I rent the bike for?

All rentals start at 24 hours, but where we really shine is in long term rentals. Rent a bike for a weekend, the whole week, a month, or for a college semester!

What type of bikes do you carry?

We carry three styles of bikes, flat-bar hybrids, drop-bar road bikes, and drop-bar touring bikes. For most riders, a hybrid bike is the most comfortable choice. Our road bikes are race and century ready, our touring bikes are ready for camping trips to nearby national parks or further!

Our 80-bike fleet currently consists of:

  1. Fuji Absolute 2.1, a high-performance aluminum flat-bar road bike (hybrid) that is generally more comfortable and upright, with a wider range of gearing.

  2. Fuji Sportif 2.1 is a classic aluminum road bike, lightweight and no-fuss.

  3. Fuji Touring  is a gorgeous, classic steel touring bike with bar-end shifters and Deore components.

  4. Giant Escape 3 is a new twist on our classic fleet.

What size bike do I need?

Everyone’s preferences are different, but as a rough guide, our bikes come in 5 flat-bar sizes and 6 road sizes:

  • Flat Bar

    • 15″ : height range 5’0″-5’4″ (152-162cm)

    • 17″ : for riders 5’4″-5’7″ (162-170cm)

    • 19″ : for riders 5’7″-5’10” (170-177cm)

    • 21″ : for riders 5’11”-6’2″ (177cm-188cm)

    • 23″ : for riders 6’2″+ (188cm+)

  • Drop Bar 

    • 49cm: heigh range 5’0″-5’4″ (152-162cm)

    • 52cm: height range 5’4″-5’7″ (162-170cm)

    • 54cm : height range 5’7″-5’10” (170-177cm)

    • 56cm : height range 5’10”-6’1″ (177-185cm)

    • 58cm : height range 6’1″-6’4″ (185-192cm)

    • 60cm : height range 6’4″or above (192 cm+)

  • Kid’s Bikes 

    • 20″ : height range 4’0″-4’5″ (122-135cm)

    • 24″ : height range 4’5″-4’9″ (135-145cm)

Where do you deliver?

 Delivery and pickup within Seattle is what sets us apart from the rest! We deliver FREE within central Seattle. We can bring your bikes right to your hotel, airBnB, home, or even a park!

Contact us at, or call us (206) 823-7314. (Please note:some additional charges and restrictions may apply.)

What’s the fine print?

To keep the lawyers happy and to protect ourselves and you, all renters will sign our standard rental agreement.

What kind of pedals can I use?

All bikes come with flat (platform) pedals by default. If you prefer a different pedal type you may always bring your own pedals, or for $5 we will install the pedals of your choice. We carry the following:

  • SPD

  • SPD-SL

  • LOOK

  • Toe Clips

How do you deliver? 

 For deliveries within central Seattle we use our custom built Bicycle Trailers. These eco friendly people-powered heavy-duty bicycle trailers can pull up to three bikes behind them. For larger group rides and out-of-area deliveries we may use a traditional car or truck. 

Are the bikes well maintained? What about flats?

We care deeply about the quality of your rental experience, and we guarantee you’ll get a freshly tuned bike every time you rent. That being said, flat tires, dropped chains, or other mechanical problems may happen at any time regardless of the level of tuning. If you get a flat, we can come to you within the Seattle city limits. You may also rent a Repair Kit.

I’m doing a long bike tour. Can I do a one-way rental?

Yes! You may bike to any Amtrak station that accepts Amtrak Express Shipping packages, and send the bikes back to us in one of their bike boxes at your own expense. For example, every year we have several renters who ride from Seattle to San Francisco, and ship the bikes back to us via Amtrak. Eligible one-way destinations include Portland, San Francisco (Oakland), Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Spokane, San Jose, Bellingham, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Santa Barbara, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

Please call for more detailed information.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes! For groups of 10 or more, we offer a 10% discount.

Do you have kids bikes?

Yes! We carry 20″ and 24″ kids bikes.

Ride-along trailers, and child-carrying trailers are also available WITH the rental of an adult bike.